Are You Ready To Make Your Next Move?

Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer, Move-Up Buyer or looking to Refinance or Renovate your existing home, McLean Mortgage Corp. can help you calculate the best options for your financial future. Feel free to use the calculators below to guesstimate your options. However, please remember that Ian is available to discuss
real-time solutions to save you money and headaches during your next Real Estate endeavor.


Curious to know what your Payment can afford?

We all know that it is much easier to understand what you can afford monthly versus doing the math to amortize your future. Use this easy calculator to get started and contact me when it is time to firm up the numbers and qualify for your next mortgage.


Are you ready to stop paying rent?

When you decide to make the commitment to a new home and a mortgage, it certainly helps to understand how the pros and cons stack up. My Rent Vs. Own Calculator can help you weigh the balance sheet and best choose the nest steps to financial freedom.


What is the Tax Benefit of Owning our own home?

One example is the option to deduct interest from mortgage payments on your income tax return, especially at the onset of your mortgage when most of the payment is applied to the interest.